Fake Promotion companies! ...look out bands - 20 Jan 2005 by jez
Hey I just wanted to warn any unsigned bands out about FAKE promotion companies of any kind that offer your band promotion... at a cost! All I know is that if any organisation that asks for money... then refuse them straight up! they are not genuine, they are just trying to take from the music.

I think this totally sucks. And I dont want to see them making money from unsigned bands that arnt exactly well off! An example are GPLK. Give these guys a piece of your mind if they email you (But make sure they are fakes and not an actual agency scouting you!) Or if your a hacker... then hack the shit out of their site!

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Myspace! - 19 Jan 2005 by steve
hey guys n gals! go check us out on myspace and add us to your friends list. Also check out some of the awesome bands on our friends lists...like THE BANNER!! 4Q Radio on MYSPACE
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4Q ROCKUMENTARY - 16 Jan 2005 by jez
We are making a 4Q Rockumentary (a take on a Documentary). It will feature a few skits and basically just give a run down on what we're all about. I'm in the process of editing the whole thing right now and it will be coming to your screen within the next month!
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NEw YEaR neW Show! - 15 Jan 2005 by jez
The new show is now online... check it out one time!
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Taking Back Sunday Interview - 15 Jan 2005 by jez
We have a video interview confirmed with the amazing Taking Back Sunday, within the coming week. There will be a guest interviewer working for 4Q on this one; none other than Kieran (the lead singer) from JACKmusic. Its gonna be good.
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