The Glitterati Interview - 08 Mar 2005 by jez
Have yourself a listen to what Nick of The Glitterati had to say when I caught up with him, before the show at the first date of their UK tour with Simple Plan.

These guys write some damn catchy rock'n'roll and if you havent yet treated your ears to it, then bounce on the double to their website.

The interview is audio only, as we were unable to capture a video... but make sure you dont miss it as Nick talks about his top 3 UK venues, the best aspects of playing live, working with the legendary Mike Clink and much more...

The Glitterati Interview

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New Show!!!! - 03 Mar 2005 by steve
Check out the new show folks!!! ... and this is howard!!

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Introducing LOLA RAY... - 27 Feb 2005 by jez
Lola Ray have just been added as a Featured Band! ...Be sure to check them out! Infact go to the featured bands section NOW

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Fall Out Boy & The Glitterati - 25 Feb 2005 by jez
The Interview with Patrick of Fall Out Boy is now online for you to check out! We also have an interview with Nick of The Glitterati. It'll be available soon. These guys write some damn awesome music... click their name above to take a look at their website.
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GYROSCOPE give-away WINNERS - 21 Feb 2005 by jez
Congratulations Brendan Pound & Skylee Rossum you have each won a GYROSCOPE goodie bag. You should have recieved an email by now requesting an address to send the goodie bag to.

For those of you who didnt win... stay tuned for the next competition prize; a signed copy of Sugarcult's latest album.

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