No Use For A Name Interview - 01 Aug 2005 by jez
Check out the 4Q Interview with Tony of No Use For A Name on their new album and more...

NO USE FOR A NAME w/ Useless I.D.
11.08. UK Nottingham - Rock City
12.08. UK Manchester - Hop'n Grape
13.08. UK London - Garage
14.08. UK Portsmouth - Wedgewood Rooms
atest album: Keep Them Confused - out June 13th, 2005!

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the SHOW is back! - 23 Jul 2005 by jez
Go check out some GREAT music on the new PUNKROCK SHOW ...if your a chipmonk listen to 'low' otherwise 'medium' and 'high' is best for normal human. You can find the playlist HERE
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Sugarcult WINNER - 23 Jul 2005 by jez
Congratulations to MILES BAILEY on winning the signed 'palm trees and powerlines' CD. Everyone who entered got the right anwser and it came down to a lucky draw, so better luck next time to everyone else... Miles your CD is on its way!
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Shows... - 16 Jul 2005 by jez
Sorry about the lack of shows for sometime now; there has been some changes in the 4Q office and Steve will no longer be apart of the punkrock side. This has affected the shows, but will soon be corrected and the punkrock anthems will return...
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TMF Rock Festival - 04 Jul 2005 by jez
Fed up with hearing the same “safe” bands performing across the country? Sick of so-called “festivals” that seem more like a bandwagon for Brand X’s latest drink? If so, the TMF Rock Festival is the place for you this summer. With over 100 bands and DJs on 7 stages, with 12 hours of music and a licence for 10,000, the event is cutting the crap and focussing on what is important – great new music. On Saturday August 6 2005 @ Orsett Showground, Orsett Village, Essex. For more details check out:
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