NEW show & podcast!!! - 04 Oct 2005 by jez
Have yourself a listen to the new PUNKROCK show or download it to your ipod... to see how check out the new PODCAST link.
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The Matches RULE! - 24 Sep 2005 by jez
I had a Video Interview lined up with The Matches, until I flew out on a last minute holiday this last week and had to cancel... but fear not, I've been in touch with Matt and a text interview should be coming your way shortly.

These guys are just rounding up their UK tour with Reel Big Fish and if you havent heard their super catchy rock melodies, then dont delay and check them out HERE ...Do not miss out on the blessing on your ears with such rockin' anthems! They are also featured on the punkrock show before last!

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New forum! - 16 Sep 2005 by jez
Head over to and check out the new 4Q forum... join, post and enjoy!!!
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The NEW punkrock show is here! - 12 Sep 2005 by jez
Listen to it once, twice... however many times it takes to fulfil you with goodness! The PUNKROCK Show is back and better than ever! Take yourself a listen to a fun loving show filled with amazing music, some information, requests, dedications, talking crap and stuff of that liking. Check it out and tell a friend about the good news that will save their Internet session from being dull and lifeless!
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VALENCIA - 03 Sep 2005 by jez
This month 'Valencia' are the 4Q Radio band of the month! Check them out on Purevolume or find more about them at their official website:

They are signed to the kickass I-Surrender Records who will be putting out there forth coming album 'This Could Be A Possibility' ...out October 11th! And of course you will be able to hear a sneak peak on the next punkrock show!

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