4Q RADIO WANTS YOU! - 22 Oct 2005 by jez
If you are interested in becoming apart of the 4Q Radio team ...to review music, interview bands and the likes... then email me at: Jez@4QRadio.com with '4Q RADIO WANTS ME!' as the subject. Include your top 5 favourite bands, your age and a little bit about yourself ...we are only interested in genuine and passionate applicants. Cheers.
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The Antidote Tour - 17 Oct 2005 by jez
In celebration of the European Antidote Tour ....featuring Millencollin, Randy, Flogging Molly and The Unseen. 4Q Radio and Antidote (in association with Rocket PR) will bring you the most kickass GIVE-AWAY you have ever seen.... COMING SOON!

Plus be prepared for a video Interview with the amazing Swedish punkrock act Randy! ...and Millencollin!

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WINNERS - 17 Oct 2005 by jez
We have had a big response to the recent Lagwagon signed tee & CD give-away Competitions! The winners have been confirmed ...to see if you've won have yourself a look at the GIVE-AWAY section.
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that's not a sexual reference kids... - 17 Oct 2005 by jez
You know we love their music, now have yourself a read of the latest Interview with THE MATCHES ...Hear of their plans to work with Mark Hoppus and what they mean by "Jon-penis, Shawn-brian"!?

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TWO MINUTE WARNING - 11 Oct 2005 by jez
The new 4Q Radio BAND OF THE MONTH is TWO MINUTE WARNING... After hearing only one song (50,000 Things) during soundcheck at a show of theirs, I feel in love with their passion and melody instantly! After then seeing/hearing their complete set... full of total unadulterated passion; combining super hard hitting catchy drum beats with rockin' bass rhythm and some guitar styling that I can only describe as amazingly unique. Vocally; a good melody clearly comes first, being powerfully backed with rock anthem suited effort, that hits the mark on every note! You must see Two Minute Warning LIVE ...that is where their songs will truly give the full impact they were written for!!!

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