Sugarcult Competition Winners! - 08 Oct 2004 by jez
Congratulations to 'Emilie John' and 'David Castles' for winning the Sugarcult Competition, you both will be seeing Sugarcult tonight with a friend, on the last night of their UK tour at the Mean Fiddler, London. The Runners up winning the 'Palm Trees and Powerlines' album are 'Chris Webbster' and 'Joel Egan'. Good on you guys for your entries!
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My Bastard Email account - 07 Oct 2004 by steve
my email account has decided to wipe my address book so everybody that signed up to the 4Q street team if you would still like to be involved please send me your details again!!sorry!!also anyone who wants to help out send me an email!!

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New Shows : ) - 06 Oct 2004 by jez
Yes! the shows have arrived, as im sure your all stoked to hear... go have a listen. if it tickles your ear drums... let us know one way or another!
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Sugarcult Interview - 06 Oct 2004 by jez
Have a listen to the 4Q interview with Tim of Sugarcult from last night at Nottingham Rock City... They put on a hell of a show and we're cool enough to let a random band from the crowd, come on stage to play one of their own songs.

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Request A Song - 06 Oct 2004 by jez
We want to play, what you fans want to hear... so Request a song!
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